H Troop/ 10th CAV, RVN 1972

Welcome to our WEB site. The purpose of this site is to introduce members of our CAV troop who served in Vietnam in 1972.We hope you enjoy your visit, and with luck, you may find old friends. The "Membership Directory" link below are members of H Troop who served together, and over the years, crawled out from under rocks to form this fine organization. Many of us visit one another at annual VHPA reunions. The "In search Of " link is a list of people we're still trying to find. If you served with us please e-mail me with your name and address so we can make contact. In addition, if information displayed is not current or not correct, please advice me. Thanks again......Mark (StewBall) Stuart     Red 16,  Loach Pilot

VHPA Reunion Pictures, 2000                         If you have comments or suggestions, email me at mark.stuart@lmco.com

Membership  Directory

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7/17th Cavalry Web Site

VHPA Web Site

Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Accociation

Link to the 61st AHC Web Site. This site makes mine Bogus in comparison. It's filled with pictures of Aircraft in action, Lane AHP, LZ English, Maps of the AO e.g. Bon Son river valley etc. Please take a look it's worth it.

VHFCN Web Site

Americal Division site  This site is very good but if you look a the 174 AHC section they added a photo page with pictures of UH-1H and UH-1C from the 155th AHC 1969. I supplied the pictures to a friend who sent them to the 174th. They were nice enough to post them on their web site  even though I wasn't connected with the 174th. I'm in the left seat of the UH-1. in the picture.

Link to C Troop 7/17th CAV

1st Aviation Brigade Site